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Research & Evaluation

EDDY supports schools and school districts with quantitative and qualitative analysis in research and evaluation. EDDY analyzes educational approaches, programs and processes to understand their effects on students, teachers, faculty, administrators and the community. EDDY also assists schools and school districts in establishing sound data analysis procedures, as a part of an evaluation process, to drive change toward increased student performance.

Inquiry models are used to tap into educational functions and decision-making processes. EDDY develops survey items, interview plans, cost analysis methods and other procedures that education organizations can use to monitor the success of educational programs or reform efforts. Research and evaluation services are customized to meet the needs of schools, school districts or other educational organizations. Techniques include interviews, observation, creation of survey instruments, statistical and measurement approaches, examination of academic performance measures and administration and reporting of results.

Programs Developed Include:

National Urban Alliance and Green County (GA) Schools

Evaluating NUA and Green County Schools’ partnership to measure the impact on the school, students and learning. NUA works with teachers on learning strategies and then they support teachers throughout the school year with the intent of improving the relationship between teachers and students with a long-term goal of improving students’ academic performance.

Cook Elementary School (Atlanta public schools), Atlanta, Georgia

Evaluation of their after school program (ASP) to determine whether it is meeting staff and parent objectives for educational enrichment as opposed to child care.

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