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Chubbtown 2015 Calendar

The Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church family thank you for your purchase of the Chubbtown Calendar 2015. Graciously, the proceeds from the calendar assist in the construction of expanding the annex to serve the church, community, and family.

Chubb Chapel 2015 Calendar CoverChubbtown was a self-sufficient African American community founded pre-Civil War during the mid 1800's and covered over 1280 acres of land in Floyd and Polk Counties. Eight brothers migrated from North Carolina to develop the community and build Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church. Chubb Chapel was constructed in 1870 and is located on Chubbtown Road. Today, the church and a few homes are the only standing structures that were a part of the community. Chubb Chapel, recognized on the National Registry of Historical places, is significant architecturally because of its small vernacular Gothic Revival-style

The calendar features standing structures including the church, homes, barns, and storage facilities of Chubbtown. These structures were built during the late 1800s through mid-1900s.

Structures featured in the calendar are the following:

  • January – The old fire station, which stands on the Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church property
  • February – Farmplace and home of Alfred and Clemmie Sams Chubb
  • March – Home of George and Lois Pace Jones accented by the Chubb Family Cemetery
  • April – Storage of Luther and Eliza Chubb, Farmplace of Flora and Willie Chubb, Home of Luther and Eliza Eason Chubb
  • May – Home of Elbert and Elvira Chubb Bray, the formal home of James Oliver and Elvira Ware Sams
  • June – Chubb Family Cemetery, burial site of many of the family members who resided in Chubbtown
  • July – Home of Louis and Ola Sams
  • August –- Home of Starling and Minnie Bell Chubb Washington and Big Cedar Creek
  • September – Home of Edward and Louise Batey Chubb
  • October – Peppers in Demetrius Bray’s garden and Big Cedar Creek
  • November – Home of Charles and Beatrice Hughes Sams
  • December – Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church

There are faithful members of Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church, whose homes are not featured in the calendar. We would like to acknowledge the home of Henry (Sonny) Chubb, the farm place of Homer and Jessie Mae Brown, the family homes of the browns, Chubbs, Sams, Washingtons and others.

The members of Chubb Chapel invite you to visit the church. Our services are held every second and fourth Sundays of every month at 11:00 a.m. For further information, please write Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church, P. O. Box 771, Cave Spring Georgia 30124 or email at

The calendar was inspired by Rev. Elliott Sams and designed and developed by Tamara Whatley. The calendar is 8-1/2 by 11 inches in size. Contact any of the Chubb Chapel UMC members for your copy.

Price:  $15.00 per calendar

$4.95 per calendar shipping and handling

Calendars will be shipped via United States Postal Service, flat.

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