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Professional Learning and Development

The professional learning and development services of Eddy are geared towards the development of educators in formal and informal settings primarily in the areas of mathematics and leadership education. Eddy professional development services are provided by professional educators and consultants via workshops, in-house training sessions and one-on-one consulting relationships.

Instructional design and delivery training is presented with a primary focus on technology and culturally-responsive pedagogy.

EDDY also works with districts and school in developing customized programs and workshops in mathematics and literacy based on the need of the district or school. For example, Eddy will work with schools to design mathematics education professional learning that is aligned with the existing culture of the school.

Programs Delivered Include:

Math Education for the Co-Teaching Model
Contracted by the Georgia Learning Resources System; Delivered at: Douglas County Professional Learning Center, 2011-2012.

This course is designed to provide special education co-taught teachers with grade-specific content knowledge in the area of grades 3-5 mathematics. Special education teachers and their co-teachers will become empowered to teach more effectively in a standards-based co-taught classroom, thus enabling their students to understand mathematical concepts and to increase their ability to meet standards in the area of mathematics. This co-teaching professional learning experience is to help teachers: a) engage students in learning standards-based mathematics; b) learn mathematics content and its connection to teaching; and c) integrate hands-on and real-life experiences in teaching mathematics while integrating the best practices of effective co-teaching, with a focus on use of manipulatives.

Professional Development in Support of the Henry County Science and Mathematics Institute of Lead Educators {SMILE}2
Contracted by Henry County Schools; Delivered at Mercer University, 2011-2012.

These professional learning sessions align to the Henry County School District strategic plan, the {SMILE}2 requirements, the vision of the Race to the Top initiative, and the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. All professional learning sessions will focus on:

  • Process standards including problem solving, investigating, evaluating mathematical and scientific arguments, using the language of mathematics and science, and representing objects and numbers to organize, record, and communicate mathematical and scientific ideas
  • Mathematical content including number sense, computation, geometry, measurement, algebra, and data analysis and probability
  • Science content including physical, life, environmental and earth science
  • Career, Technical and Agricultural Education content including construction, horticulture, healthcare science, cosmetology, technology, engineering, architecture, drafting, agriscience, accounting, and business essentials.
  • The integration of mathematics, science, and CTAE content.

Program Development

EDDY works with schools and schools districts to create customized programs starting with an examination of the cultural context of the school environment and continuing through the design and development of services to support needs such as professional learning for teachers, monitoring implementation procedures, and evaluating of the program results.

For example, EDDY may work with clients to customize a comprehensive mathematical learning model to be implemented in schools that focus on improved student performance.

Education devoted to youth serves as the guiding lamp for program development toward academic excellence for all students. EDDY program development uses concepts of Total Quality Management in its approach to improvement.

Programs Developed Include:

Riverside Intermediate School, Mableton (Cobb County), Georgia. 2011-2012.

Professional development and consulting with individual teachers in grades 2-5 to evaluate current efforts and scores as well as create plan for compacting and data analysis of future student results. Specific program objectives include:

  • Provide teachers with sound, meaningful methods for learning and teaching mathematics
  • Prepare teachers to be successful on teaching diverse learners
  • Provide teachers with approaches to analyze student data
  • Support teachers in the development of assessment items
  • Implement an analysis and support structure that provides teachers with feedback to enhance strategies for teaching mathematics.

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