educational dynamix

Mission Statement

The central purpose and role of Educational Dynamix is to help all children to learn in innovative ways by providing products and services that improve learning for adults and children.

Educational Dynamix provides academic and social experiences that encourage and support intellectual, emotional, and academic development of students. The purpose is to equip educational professionals with content and pedagogical knowledge and approaches that promote learning for all students. The focus of Educational Dynamix is to reach children and parents in places where they congregate - schools, after school programs, community organizations, and faith-based organizations.

Educational Dynamix designs, develops and markets educational products and services. The wealth of Educational Dynamix lies in its people and partners. Their commitment to their community, the underserved, their skills and competencies, and their integrity guide the mission of Educational Dynamix.

Corporate Values

  • Children First. We are here to serve children - without them nothing else matters
  • People. We believe the potential of EDDY has no limit and is driven by our personnel and their imagination. We are committed to high performance.
  • Quality and excellence (timely, effective, efficient). We take pride in all we do - our people, products, partners and our commitment to the community.
  • Integrity. EDDY is committed to high levels of integrity and honesty in all aspects of our business. Our personnel, partners, and consultants share our commitment
  • We believe in direct, open, honest and timely communication
  • We take ownership of problems and accept responsibility
  • We appreciate diversity
  • We are a financially astute organization
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Educational Dynamix is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization