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Project GRAD USA Adds Musical Mathematics to Math Curriculum

ATLANTA, GA - December 4, 2007 - Educational Dynamix, an educational services firm that focuses on the learning and development of educators and children through innovative and engaging programs and services, announced today that Project GRAD USA will adopt the Musical Mathematics® learning program as part of their curriculum as they expand to new sites. The decision to make them available nationally comes after a one year evaluation period in the schools supported by Project GRAD Atlanta.

"Kids need a foundational understanding of counting and number sense before they can move on to fractions and the more complicated subjects of the upper grades," explained Margaret Cooper, National Math Manager of Project GRAD USA Math. "Musical Mathematics has given our kids in Atlanta a good start on developing those skills."

The goal of Project GRAD Math is to get children to understand and finish elementary school so they can get into higher level math by 8th grade and a college prep program in high school.

Teachers in the Atlanta schools are encouraged to use Musical Mathematics as a warm-up exercise to get their lesson going. "It has been hard for us to get the teachers to understand how to make a drill more interesting instead of just jumping into the lesson," stated Cooper. "That is why the Musical Mathematics CD and teacher guide is a much more effective way to teach." Educators from schools already in the Project GRAD program who have yet to incorporate the Musical Mathematics materials have started hearing about the results and have begun asking for the products by name. As new schools come on line, they will be encouraged to upgrade or supplement their other programs with Musical Mathematics.

"Educational Dynamix is pleased to be able to support Project GRAD in their efforts to bring foundational understanding of mathematics concepts to learners of all ages," explained Dr. Clemmie Whatley, founder of Educational Dynamix. "Through our efforts with Project GRAD to date we have been able to reinvigorate children and educators, clearing their path to successful learning of higher level mathematics."

About Project® GRAD USA

The mission of Project GRAD is to ensure a quality public education for all students in economically disadvantaged communities so that high school and college graduation rates increase. The goal of Project GRAD is to see at least 80 percent of students graduate from high school and 50 percent of these graduates enter and graduate from college. Project GRAD USA offers programs in 10 cities across the nation. Locally, Project GRAD Atlanta serves 33 schools and more than 13,000 students in the Atlanta Inner City. For more information, visit

About Educational Dynamix, Inc.

Educational Dynamix (EDDY), Inc. is an educational services firm that focuses on the learning and development of educators and children through innovative and engaging programs, products and services. EDDY was created to empower parents, educators and school systems with specific knowledge, skills and strategies to enhance the educational systems and allow every child an opportunity for a bright future. In 2006, EDDY introduced the products of Musical Mathematics to help educators, parents and children, community organizations and faith-based organizations address the void in learning for children. EDDY is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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